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Repulsion and attraction. 

I've been an artist (painter, musician, writer) for many years now but now is the first time I have decided to share my photographic process or these images with the world.

The majority of my photographs are taken during fugue states. These can last for days, sometimes even weeks. I find meaning and significance in the subject matter whether I comprehend it at the time or not. Oncoming headlights, police sirens, the flash of the camera, or a telephone ring, can cause me to "return" and when I do... long periods of time are dedicated to deciphering the photos. Once developed, I piece each of them together to form a narrative which gives me insight into my subconscious.

The titles help to inform understanding, but I hope that the viewer interprets my images in a way that provokes their own desires, fears, and memories.

The end result and what you are seeing in my photographs is how I see the world. It isn't always easy on the eyes. Sometimes I live in a dream... other times, a nightmare.

I use mixed media in order to accomplish and deliver my vision to the world. Digital aid, sanding, and a cacophony of gel mediums allow for the surreal to become a reality.

All of my photographs are mounted, varnished, signed, and finished by me. They are all different from each other. No two photographs are exactly alike which allows for an incredibly unique experience for each person and allows for collectability that isn't often found in this art form. 
I am exceptionally pleased to finally share this with you. Please enjoy.


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